Environmental Policy

Were a bunch of tree-hugging hippies really.. and we refuse to screw over the environment just to make some easy money.

We won't work for any companies we consider unethical.

We use electricity from Renewable sources (and always have); we recycle everything that is recyclable, and re-use or find new homes for old equipment where ever possible.

All our web servers are outstanding for their green status, ensuring any carbon footprint is fully offset. Using a state of the art efficient cooling systems allows up to 40% reduction in our environmental footprint from many conventional servers.

We not only comply with all relevant environmental legislation but look to exceed any set recommendations.

We promote a sustainable business, from the design to the delivery.

We are always looking for ways we can improve our environmental performance.

Tree Hugging Hippies

  • We use renewable electricity
  • We reuse or recycle
  • We really mean it... We're proud to be green.
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Spam & Cookie Free

  • We hate spam!!!
  • Cookie Free (no spying)
  • We're a nice ethical company... really.
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